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Summer Sale Spectacular

Transform Your Memories into Candles

"The directions are extremely thorough and easy to follow with picture diagrams. It comes with a glass jar and nice quality top, but you can also use this wax to refill an old candle which I really like as I have a ton of old candle jars."

— ShiningHiker

"This candle making kit is really easy to use. The instructions are simple and straightforward.

I've only had it burning for about 8-10 hours so far but it does look like it'll probably be good for that 100+ hours."


"I wasn't sure about this at first but I ended up really liking it. It was super easy & quick to do. One of the things I really loved is just heading up the wax in the microwave made my entire kitchen smell so good for that while day & night, the scent lingered in there for, I'd say, almost if not at least 24 hours, at it was amazing."

— PhoeNyx

"Took less than 5 mins!! I cut little hearts out of fall leaves and sprinkled them on top. So cute and love the result!!"

— AGold

Step 1: Choose Your Candle Experience

Candle Making Kit

Our best-seller. Complete with a wick and wax, perfect for breathing new life into any item you choose.

Candle Making Kit + Jar

Features a jar designed for your first candle-making adventure.

Filled Candle

Pre-filled with our all-natural, fragrant wax. Enjoy the comforting glow now, repurpose later.

Step 2: Choose your Scent

We feature some of the most popular candle scents as well as some scents created in-house that you'll love!

Step 3: Choose Your Size

7 oz Refill

Perfect for transforming items up to 3" in diameter. Provides around 50 hours of clean burn time.

14 oz Refill

Ideal for repurposing items up to 4" in diameter. Enjoy up to 100 hours of sustainable, fragrant illumination.

Step 4: Order your Kit

From Our Glowing Community:

"This candle smells absolutely amazing. Got the starter kit and it was perfect. Looking forward to buying more!!"
-Allison S.
January 8, 2023

"It was easy to make our candle and the instructions were easy enough to follow that our middle schooler was able do it without any help. This candle has lasted longer than what a yankee candle would have lasted in our house. It smells great too! We look forward to future refills!!"
-Tim B.
November 13, 2022

"Was nice to help my 13yr make this candle. Instructions were very easy to understand & it smells wonderful. Warm Vanilla scent. A great gift idea for candle lovers."
January 1, 2023

"This was so fun & easy to do. The scent of the candle is nice & strong. I will definitely buy again."
October 31, 2022

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