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Summer Sale Spectacular: Transform Your Memories into Candles

Introducing our "Summer Glow" Collection, perfect for creating personalized candles that capture the essence of summer. Each kit features individual scents like citronella, teakwood, lemon lavender, fresh citrus basil, and honeysuckle—thoughtfully chosen to evoke the vibrant and refreshing spirit of the season. Imagine citronella to keep the mosquitoes at bay during your outdoor gatherings, or the soothing blend of lemon lavender to unwind after a sun-soaked day. What makes these candles truly special are the containers you choose to pour them into—whether it's a favorite beach glass, a summer vacation keepsake, or any cherished jar. These personalized containers add sentimental value, turning each candle into a unique creation that celebrates the warmth and joy of summer. This season, let your space be filled with candles crafted with love, infused with scents that bring summer memories to life.

Teakwood - Candle-Making Kit

Regular price $25.00 from $21.00 Up to 20% off
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Up to 20% off

Teakwood - Candle-Making Kit + Jar

Regular price $35.00 from $25.00 Up to 29% off
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Up to 29% off